Protect autistic people. Protect non verbal autistic people, autistic people who talk a million miles an hour, or too loud, or very rarely.

Protect autistic people who stim frantically, stim vocally, or don’t stim at all

Protect autistic people with 100 special interests, protect autistic people who constantly info dump, protect autistic people with no special interest at all

Protect lgbtq+ autistic people, trans autistic people, autistic people of colour, mentally ill autistic people, physically disabled autistic people, chronically ill autistic people

Protect people with asperger’s, atypical autism, self diagnosed autistics

ALL autistic people are worthy of protection, not just those who appeal to your standards of beauty, not just those who it’s convenient to protect

Protect and defend all autistic people

(Source: eaglestrike)

"Fifty Shades of Grey to debut on Valentine’s Day."







when privileged groups want rights, safety, and respect, it’s called “basic human decency”

when oppressed groups want rights, safety, and respect, it’s called “social justice”

and mocked. it’s called “social justice” and is mocked or otherwise hated.